The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacks and How To Find Time For it In Your Busy Schedule

Introduction: What is a Travel Hack and Why Should I Care?

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5 Super Easy Ways to Find Time for Travel in Your Busy Schedule

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How To Make Memories That Last A Lifetime By Taking Longer Trips

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Dealing With the Problems of Long Distance Travel

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What are the Best Destinations One Can Visit For

In the age of Netflix, people are working less and traveling more.

In 2017, a global travel survey by Skyscanner revealed that travelers are taking more international trips than ever before. According to the survey, 54% of respondents said they had gone abroad in the last 12 months, whereas only 41% said they had travelled internationally in 2016. The year-over-year increase is a dramatic 16%.

Travelers cited the following reasons for making their international trips:

The generation weaned on Netflix and YouTube has little interest in sitting at home watching TV when there’s so much out there to explore. And with so many budget airlines around, exploring the world is more affordable than ever before.

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